Siamak Anvari

Composer & Sound Artist

Schematic structure of Gabbeh

Gabbeh is an electroacoustic piece for one single speaker. The concept of the piece is based on the interaction between unity and plurality. The spatialization of the piece works based on the reflections of the space from the single source (one speaker). The material of the music also helps to articulate these reflections and it results into filling the whole space with the sounds. Gabbeh consists of numerous sine waves like the knots in a nomadic rug (the initial inspiration of the piece). These sine waves fill the whole frequency range from very low to very high and at same time they move in a quasi-chaotic way up and down in a certain range. All the intricate relationships between these sine waves create various timbre identities, which emerge slowly from the texture and disappear in a continuous manner. This feature gives an ever- changing quality throughout the piece. However the music has a monolithic formal structure of a single block. The concepts of symmetry and repetition are also involved in the structure of the piece as illustrated above.