Siamak Anvari

Composer & Sound Artist

For some people, sound is not just a vibration that travels through air. It also evokes completely involuntary experiences of colors, shapes, and textures. In fact, people who have the neurological condition of chromesthesia experience these impressions spontaneously, and without any effort. As a result, these sensations often have very specific and complex appearances. Chromesthesia is not just seeing with your eyes, but also as projections in your mind. Therefore, this phenomenon can increase the efficiency of audio transmission. Being inspired by this fact, this installation brings sound and vision close together. In fact these boxes work also as sound projectors. By the essence and all the technical parameters a loudspeaker meant to be as a transparent container to transmit sound. But what happens when the speaker design is as important as sound? Thus the sound becomes interconnected to the visual experience just like in a synesthetic vision. The designs of the boxes are based on illustrations of synesthetic people description of an abstract sound. The sound material of the work is mainly consists of voice and transformations of the abstract sound projecting over five channels.