Siamak Anvari

Composer & Sound Artist

Undiluted Space is a sound Installation whereby the visitor can experience the sense of being connected to an environment without any other element than the body. The purity of space and the necessities to a basic environmental existence of the human body connect in a way it opens up new relations to mind. By the concept of designing a dark space where body movement is being manipulated; the consistent direction to the mental experience of one’s own presence in place is being captured. Real sounds from space and planets are used to create this environmental sense by ‘objective’ sounds. Deep inside the earth, glaciers that are calving, the drone inside a bubble, are the dimensions, sense of depth, and gravity as the axis of our own physical existence. Thinking of what a world would look like if the subconscious experience of our environment would overrule architecture by an installation which is created a relation of man and space by craving a path excluding everything we know as spatial structures and connect to the inner world through sensing the sounds. The sound track is composed for a four-channel loudspeaker layout, located in four corners of the textile structure. The sound world becomes focal since all the visual elements are taken away in this experience. The quadrophonic sound layout establishes a virtual space, which draws the listener’s mind in. The music creates a vast space by deploying the spectral features of the sounds. The natural sounds are processed and threated to shape the structure of the sound track with a highly textural characteristic.