Siamak Anvari

Composer & Sound Artist

Typography is the art and technique

Resta di Darmi 

(2018 ) sound installation in collaboration with Imogen Eve 

the Passage of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Resta di Darmi

Resta di Darmi is a sound installation created for Holland Festival 2018 and presented in Rijksmuseum passage, Amsterdam. It was composed for a multichannel loudspeaker setup installed in the passage. The concept was developed by Imogen Eve and the music was composed by Siamak Anvari.

Imogen Eve on Resta di Darmi:

‘ This installation was inspired by the music and story of Carlo Gesualdo, particularly the psychological condition he is recorded to have had after the murder he committed. On the night of October 16, 1590, Gesualdo murdered his wife and her lover with brutal aggression. After the act he con- fessed immediately and was pardoned – but he was endlessly tormented and suffered terrible mental anguish. This led me down the path of inquiry into what it means to confess, and if confession does relieve the psyche. In the modern age, we share a great deal of personal information, often in the hope that someone is listening or that the expressive act will deliver a cathartic peace. I find it interesting to see what becomes of these shared stories and secrets, these confessions and statements that we so easily give away. As an audience member, all you can hear in this tunnel (at first) is the rabble of everyday life, the festival and the muse- um-goers. But then you notice this hanging object that you pass underneath and you suddenly hear voices and music. It is the choral work of Gesualdo, but from within it you can hear spoken statements woven into the fabric of the song – intimate statements and fragmented secrets. Then you may realize that you, yourself, can also speak – confess, share and be heard. And the part of yourself that you gave becomes part of a global sonic texture.’